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WHO WE AREThe Task Force

We are a nonpartisan high-impact group of students committed to protecting democratic representation through institutional reforms. We achieve this by targeted initiatives and education campaigns about emerging threats to our democracy. Our approach integrates legislative research, community advocacy, and strategic alliances to foster a stronger, more inclusive, and more representative democracy.


  • Representation
  • Transparency
  • American University
  • Other Initiatives

Students for Voting Rights

Safeguard Article V from Exploitation

Our Civil Servants (Coming Soon)

The Highlight

Making Americans believe again in democracy!

The Task Force has three fundamental functions: researching legislative solutions, public advocacy, and establishing strategic alliances with other pro-democracy organizations (to optimize resources in pursuit of common objectives).

Researching issues and speaking with elected officials to work towards our national initiatives
Speaking with people, conducting polls and petitions, and holding public events and town hall meetings
Forming strategic alliances with other nonprofits to work towards our shared goals

WASHINGTON, D.C.Task Force Headquarters

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONADesert Mountain Task Force

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