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INITIATIVE OVERVIEWMission to the National Capital Region and American University

Positively impacting future leaders in the heart of our democracy!

The Task Force initiated the Mission to the National Capital Region and American University to represent the organization’s strategic focus on maintaining a high-impact, agile presence in Washington D.C., particularly at AU.

MNCR-AU is made up of several projects that work on different aspects of the Initiative. Explore MNCR-AU’s projects below:

AU Campus Democracy Coalition

The AU Campus Democracy Coalition champions student representation at American University, advocating for student participation in university governance. By supporting candidates who promote campus democracy, the CDC ensures that student voices are influential in shaping university policies.

D.C. Student Union

Uniting Student Government Associations across Washington D.C.’s universities, the D.C. Student Union fosters collaborative policy-making and community spirit. This initiative amplifies the collective voice of students, advocating for their interests in the wider educational and civic landscape.

AU CivicNetwork

The AU CivicNetwork is a pilot program being deployed at American University for gathering statistical and anecdotal data on democracy-related issues from the students working to defend it in our nation’s capital. CivicNetwork plays a crucial role in informing Task Force strategies, ensuring that student perspectives drive pro-democracy campaigns and initiatives.

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MNCR-AUHistory and Future


The Task Force’s Transitory Action Plan of 2023 (TAP-23) recognized the unique position American University (AU), and students in the Washington, D.C. area held in influencing democratic engagement among young voters. In response, MNCR-AU was initiated to represent the Task Force’s strategic focus on maintaining a high-impact, agile presence in Washington D.C., particularly at AU. This initiative is a testament to the Task Force’s commitment to enhancing democracy and civic engagement among youth, particularly in the context of higher education.

The MNCR-AU initiative, spearheaded by the Task Force, stands as a beacon for democratic engagement and student representation in the National Capital Region, with a focused presence at American University. This comprehensive initiative houses three major campaigns: the AU Campus Democracy Coalition (CDC), the D.C. Student Union (DCSU), and the CivicNetwork.

The CDC is at the forefront of enhancing student engagement within American University, actively supporting candidates and movements that advocate for a more influential student voice in university governance. By bolstering student representation and participation, the CDC is reshaping the campus democratic experience.

Parallel to this, the D.C. Student Union unites Student Government Associations from various D.C.-area universities. This coalition transcends institutional boundaries, fostering policy coordination, community spirit, and enriching student-centric events across the consortium. It acts as a unifying platform for diverse student bodies to collaborate on common democratic goals.

Complementing these efforts, CivicNetwork operates as a sophisticated tool for gathering crucial polling data and insights on pro-democracy issues at American University. This platform not only informs and guides pro-democracy initiatives but also serves as a barometer for student opinion, influencing the Task Force’s strategic direction.

MNCR-AU’s activities are diverse, ranging from advocating for student representation on university boards to organizing forums for policy discussion, and conducting research to underpin democratic campaigns. The initiative’s impact is profound, touching the lives of over 83,000 students in the region, and setting a precedent for student-led advocacy and democratic participation.

Looking ahead, MNCR-AU is poised for further expansion and deeper influence. Plans include widening the DCSU’s network, enhancing CivicNetwork’s data analysis capabilities, and continuing the relentless pursuit of student rights and democratic values at both university and regional levels. This initiative is not just about shaping the present; it’s about forging a path for enduring democratic engagement among students in the heart of the nation’s capital.

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